Friday, December 31, 2010

Ready for 2011!

I have debated for years now on whether or not to start a blog. One of my absolute favorite ways to spend time is to read blogs. I have tried new recipes, read recommended books, attempted crafts shown, and enjoyed spying on other's lives through reading blogs. I have now decided to create my own blog to have a way to document memories with friends and family, practice more photography, discuss new recipes I have tried, books I have read, and continuing my hobby of loving to make things.
Today is New Year's Eve, and the first year that I am going to attempt at making not only one resolution for 2011 but three. And plan to hold myself accountable by posting/creating a blog that documents these, among other things in my life in hopes it makes me more likely in sustaining these resolutions, so here goes....Floss at least four times a week (yes, I know--I should floss daily, but this has been for some reason a struggle for me, and one that I continue to stretch the truth when visiting the dentist by replying to the question of do you floss with "not as often as I should"), read at least 12 books a year (or on average, one a month). I love to read, but would like to make sure I am consistent with it, and reading all types of books, and last to exercise at least 4 times a week (2-3 days with cardio, and 2 days with strength training).
So here's to 2011!