Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day--My Love/Hate Relationship with this day...

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day.  Well, I take that back. I loved, LOVED Valentine's Day when I was little and at school we would get the little cards from everyone in the class, and give out ours to the class.  That was usually my favorite day of the year.  I would always hand out Barbie Valentine cards. I had so much fun addressing them to every classmate of mine.  So back to my not being a fan.  Since those days are long gone, I have never enjoyed this holiday and think it is kinda silly.  A day on a calendar that tells you to be sweet to your significant other.  Well that takes the fun out of it.   I want my husband to bring me flowers or candy, tell me he loves me, or whatever, but not because some date on the calendar tells him to be sweet to me.  Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but it seems kind of forced and not from the heart to me.  I would rather go out to dinner on any other night and not wait 5 hours for a table because couples are trying so hard to impress...okay enough about that! 
However, now that I am into making things a little has changed.  Still not a fan, but decorations can be cute, huh?  Yeah, I think so too!  So with some leftover MDF board that I had in my garage I decided to make 2 cute Valentine's Day signs to go on my mantel.  They are both 12x12 so fit perfectly to scrapbook paper.  Here are the details below:
I first spray painted a piece of wood red, then let dry:
Letting it dry is a hard part.  I never realized how impatient I was until I started making things: Once I start it, I want it done!
Meanwhile, while it was drying I found some stencils to help me recreate the statue that I love on Microsoft Word, I then printed them out, and used an exacto knife to cut out the stencils...(The statue is above:  The love Statue in Philadelphia--never seen it in person, but love it!)

I then placed them on the wood, and taped them down so that it would stay.  I should have taped them down stronger because you'll notice some holes in the paper leaving a gap/space from the paper to the wood, allowing some glitter to seep through.  You learn through experience, right?!

Yep, too much room as you can see above. Oh well, I am pleased with the final product.  Next I added Modge Podge.  I used the gloss kind so that it could have a shine to it at the end.

Then I added some silver glitter...

And then immediately took off the white paper/stencil.  I was afraid if I didn't then it would stick.  It came off just fine!
I then let it sit for about 15 minutes, and probably should have waited longer, but again I want to see it and the part I enjoy is doing, not waiting around.  So I got impatient and applied another coat of Gloss Modge Podge to seal it.
Then let it dry...

A little messy, but I like it!  I did end up cleaning it up a bit by adding some more glitter to the O and then the V where it hadn't coated evenly.  Did not take a pic of this but you'll see the final version on my mantel....but first you have to wait and see the other piece going on the mantel

Started out with another piece of MDF board, again 12x12.  Perfect size for scrapbook paper.  But first things first, I had to spray paint the sides, and used this satin knickel finish:

Proceeded to spray paint the sides...then let dry....and Modge Podged it, this time using a Matte Finish.

Next step included putting the scrapbook paper down on the wet Modge Podge.  I tried to smooth out all the bumps, but didn't manage to get them all, oh well!

Let that sit for awhile, then modge podge that to seal:

Then let that dry, see you do need a lot of patience.  I'm working on mine!

And Voila!  Now they sit on my mantel.  I am pleased with my work if I do say so myself!  Here they are up close...


Not too bad, eh?  Give me some more suggestions as decorations I could use!  Hope you enjoyed this!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo cute! you are so crafty~!

Michelle said...

Found you through Kelly's blog! I love your craft projects and am a new follower :)

House Revivals said...

Cute! I think it's a love/hate thing for a lot of us :)

Rachael@Lovely Crafty Home said...

So sparkly and lovely!

Holly said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the day too...but the decor is super cute! Thanks for linking up to tickled pink!