Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve

Kevin and I celebrated 2010 this year by going to dinner with friends to Sapporo Restaurant.  It was a great time with lots to celebrate and looking forward to 2011.  Abby and Chris are expecting their first child in July, and Ashley and Chris are getting married in September.  Abby's cousin, Grace and her boyfriend John also joined us to celebrate. 

I ordered this martini.  It was so pretty but not that great tasting.  I ended up ordering a Pomegranate Martini that was wonderful, but did not get a picture. 

   Kevin and me

                                                         Abby and Chris
                                                           Ashley and Chris toasting to Sake
                                                 Kevin, Ashley, and Chris taking another round...
                                         Then we went back to Chris and Ashley's house and waited for midnight by hanging out, talking about weddings, babies, and playing a game called "What's Yours Like?"

                                                   Ashley and Abby
                                            Ashley's dog--Mia
                                                Cheers at Midnight!
                                                     The parents-to-be once again
                                                        The engaged couple                     
Kevin and me toasting to the New Year!  
We had a great 2010, here's to 2011!

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